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  Sanatorium "Sinyak" is one of the first health resorts of Transcarpathia. It dates back to 1783. Shepherds were the first people who noticed the healing power of mineral water. The information about miraculous water quickly spread in the vicinity. People from all over the region arrived he ======>


Sanatorium "Sinyak" is surrounded by mountains Hudenwald, Obavsky Stone and Buz. It is situated in a marvelous part of Carpathia on the height of 420-450 m above the sea level. The clear waters of mountain river Sinyavka that flows through the territory of sanatorium is full of trout. The c ======>


  Advantageous geographical position gives opportunity to except people from different regions. It is possible to treat 405 holiday-makers annually. The system of prices is flexible. It is possible to have rest here with families. The skilled staff of nurses choose the necessary diet. ======>


Two main orientations are treatment and rest. Library, reading hall, cinema, different clubs, video hall, dance pavilion are at the disposal of holiday-makers. Radio network and TV studio transmit different announcements and greetings. It is possible to watch European, Russian and Ukrainian ======>

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T Transcarpathia is a land of resorts, tourism and recreation. The picturesque nature with virgin forests and mountain torrents is rich in mineral springs. There are nearly 400 of them in the region. Resort sanatorium "Sinyak" is famous far beyond the borders of Ukraine due to the miraculo ======>




Санаторій Синяк”,


Мукачівський район,

Закарпатська область,

(03131) 3-85-71,

т./ф. (03131) 3-85-72,

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89600, Санаторій “Синяк”, с.Синяк, Мукачівський район, Закарпатська область, (03131) 3-85-71, т./ф. (03131) 3-85-72, (03131) 3-85-73, syniak@ukrzdrav.info...